BitAlijansa NENASAL

Bit Alliance Welcomes NENASAL as a New Member for Innovation and Growth

Recently,  our company officially joined the Bit Alliance, a prominent association of major IT companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a shared goal of advancing opportunities in the IT industry market. This strategic partnership is a significant move for both NENASAL and the Bit Alliance, as it as it brings together two innovative organizations that are committed to advancing the IT industry. The agreement was officially signed by Neven Savanovic, CEO of NENASAL, and Damir Maglajlic, executive director of Bit Alliance.

Through this cooperation, NENASAL gets the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of educational programs, the development of projects and other initiatives that support the growth of the IT sector in the country. With the combined efforts of NENASAL, Bit Alliance and its members, the domestic IT industry will continue to grow and develop, reaching new heights and contributing to the economic growth of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Through the partnership with Bit Alliance, NENASAL will contribute to the development of the domestic IT industry, providing support and resources for the education and training of new talents. This will enable young people to acquire the necessary skills for a successful career in the IT sector, thus directly solving the problem of the lack of qualified staff. NENASAL, as the only Google for Education partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina, wants to help schools and educational institutions to digitize and improve their educational process. By using Google for Education tools and resources, NENASAL strives to support teachers, students and parents in creating an innovative and effective learning environment. Also, NENASAL will actively participate in the development of infrastructure and the promotion of incentive measures for the IT industry. Through joint work with other Bit Alliance members, NENASAL will help create more favorable conditions for the development and growth of the ICT sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Signing the membership with Bit Alliance represents a significant step for our company in achieving our mission to contribute to the digital transformation of our country. Bit Alliance is the largest IT association in Bosnia and Herzegovina, gathering leading IT companies and partners in the region. Our company aspires to be part of this association in order to contribute to the digital transformation of our country, especially in the field of education. We believe this partnership will allow us to leverage the latest technologies and innovations to help digitize our economy, and create new value for our customers and community.” – said Savanovic.

Damir Maglajlić, executive director of Bit Alliance, also expressed great satisfaction with this partnership:

“We are happy to welcome NENASAL to our membership, which confirms their commitment to the development of the ICT sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are convinced that their experience and knowledge will enrich our community, and we are looking forward to future projects and opportunities for cooperation that we plan to achieve together, with the aim of further improving the digital transformation in our country” – said Maglajlic.

Overall, this partnership strengthens the global network of technology companies and creates new opportunities for innovation and growth. As technology continues to evolve, partnerships like this will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the industry.