It was a fateful day in 2011…

A group of freelancers, each an expert in their own rights, laughed at the idea of teaming up together to make an agency. It was a funny though then. Can you just imagine freelancers becoming business owners overnight?

Well, it took them a couple of weeks but it happened. NENASAL was formed in 2011 by a team of freelancers who wanted to make the lives of businesses and brands easier by becoming an all-in-one solution for all their online needs. A ragtag team of freelancers challenged the impossible in becoming one of the top names in their locality by constantly showing excellent results client after client. Six years after, NENASAL has become a multi-country company with majority of their clients from Germany, Switzerland, and other European Countries. To date, they have over 200 projects all across the globe with a few more in the pipeline. .

Why We're Different

NENASAL has entered the industry of web development and social media at a time when agencies were dime a dozen. At first, it was difficult to make clients interested due to the fact that there were a hundred other agencies offering the same thing to them. NENASAL had to evolve in order to survive and evolve they did.

In order to provide the best possible service to all their clients, NENASAL came up with the Idea to Project approach. With this approach, the team behind NENASAL and brands work hand-in-hand from concocting ideas up until launch. This ensures that the client knows what’s going on and can step-in anytime for questions and/or changes. This also saves the client time and effort in getting different people to work on various parts of the project. NENASAL has experts in web development, content creation, marketing, and even online ads (Search engine ads and Social media ads).

Our Offices

NENASAL has their headquarters in Gradiska, with members of their team hailing from different parts of the world. Through online correspondence, NENASAL can work with any business from any part of the world.

Some of our Clients include

GS Management AG

Obrazovanje Odraslih