Database Engineer

NENASAL is an IT company committed to providing its customers with top IT services and solutions. We are at the service for companies that want to develop, improve protection and maintain their IT, and thus improve their business and raise it to a higher level.

The headquarters of NENASAL  is in the town of Gradiška, in the Republika Srpska / Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our company successfully does business with domestic and foreign clients in Europe, America, and Asia. We partner with many leaders in the IT world. NENASAL sells, integrates, and maintains solutions for IT companies, including Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Intel, Norton, McAfee, Adobe, RedHat, and many others.

Database Engineer Responsibilities:

Technical know-how

  •  Designing the database architecture per engagement
    • Defining database engines
    • Designing database schemas, according to use cases (live updates, asynchronous updates, backups, reporting, scheduled jobs).
    • Designing database elements
    • Defining the principal data/variable universe (in a data dictionary)
  • Designing the data structure to interact with Message Queuing Broker and Bus (Rabbit MQ, Kafka MQ, MQ Series and others)
  • Designing and executing Queries, jobs, and flat file exchange, adhering to best design practices, and assuring a lean and scalable database infrastructure that caters to low application response times.
  • Serving as the centralized lead database designer and developer, catering to the different application development teams.
  • Define and run database test scenarios (automated database stress tests, database security and vulnerability testing)
  • Assure optimized database performance over time (space, response times, loops and errors).

Database technologies

  • MySQL (Engines such as María DB, Percona, plain MySQL)
  • SQL (Enterprise, Express, Reporting services.)
  • NoSQL is a plus (Mongo DB for instance).
  • Datawarehouse management and experiences in Data Lakes are a plus.


Communication skills

  • Needs to understand and be able to visually represent workflows, integration diagrams, and dataflows (in tools like MS Visio)
  • Needs to understand and be able to visually represent customer journey maps (using workflow diagrams and wireframes)
  • Be able to fluently, verbally and in writing, interact with other technical peers and non-technical stakeholders on daily basis.

Organization skills

  • Be able to estimate technical requirements applying a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Be able to plan technical implementations on a macro level (8 to 16-hour blocks), at the beginning of an engagement and
  • Be able to plan technical implementations on a micro-level (2 to 4-hour blocks), before the technical development phase.
  • Use and adhere to Gantt Charts.
  • Be able to communicate and adjust to project slippage.

Language skills

  • Verbal fluency in English (both in expressing and understanding) is crucial*


  • The candidate will have to work during EST and CST working hours.
  • US holiday schedule applies.
  • The candite needs to be a full freelance professional with at least 6 consecutive working hours availability. Monday – Friday
    Saturdays and more working hours are a plus.

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