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NENASAL Collaborates with Google for its G-Suite Products

Nenasal offers IT solutions and services with the aim of reducing costs of business and facilitates them focus on their core business. With the aim of becoming leading IT solutions and service provider, Nenasal has teamed up with Google to sell Google G Suite products. Now, companies can opt for G Suite Bosnia and Herzegovina from Nenasal.

Our advanced and professional team will help you to understand the features included in the G Suite products package. With every G Suite Buy, you will receive the following things in the package:

  • Connect and reach your colleagues through G-Mail, Google Hangouts, Hangouts Meet, Calendar, etc.
  • Create the presentations for your projects through Google Docs, Sheets, Google Forms, Slides, App Maker, Jamboard, etc.
  • You can store the files and access them through Google Drive, Google Cloud Search, and carry out the G Suite Test to find the files or presentations that you require instantly.
  • Control and manage the users, data, devices, etc. through the Admin tool, Mobile Device Management, and Google Vault.

Feature of G Suite

Nenasal offer products that are of the utmost importance to the businesses and impacts customer satisfaction too. We are now selling G Suite after its collaboration with Google due to its versatile features. Some of them are:

  • The G Suite tool is multi-functional and easy to use too
  • You can schedule your chat time with the clients or E-Mail the funny pieces to your friends
  • There is 30 GB of the storage for online users. But, if you want unlimited storage space, then you can upgrade to Enterprise or Business edition.
  • The businesses can create instant group E-Mails to share essential details of the projects
  • The Mobile Device Management helps in easy location of the devices and erasing the data that is not useful for the organization.
  • Business owners can use the migration tools and services from Nenasal to move their essential organizational data to G Suite. This can be done from their organization’s current storage solutions.

Overall, G Suite has made the work of businesses synchronized and hassle-free. The companies do not have to depend upon loads of files and server spaces to store their data. Nenasal works towards taking your business to the next level. We plan to offer Google Cloud Products and services shortly as well.

We help businesses to use technology and make a difference with desktop to the data center. Let’s connect and discuss how we can enhance your business.