NENASAL successfully organized TechTalks #1

Last Friday NENASAL organized the first meet-up in a series of events, called TechTalks, to discuss hot IT topics with the interested audience and give them advice. This introductory event was completely free and had a plan to bring NENASAL closer to the attendees and educate people who want to start an IT career. NENASAL intends to organize more of these events as part of its social responsibility mission.

Our speaker was Neven Savanovic, CEO of the company, with more than 10 years of experience in the field of Computer Science. Neven conveyed his experience in an excellent way, claiming that the most important thing is to love what you do and to constantly educate yourself.

We talked about the services provided by NENASAL and all the modern high-quality technologies it uses to provide satisfaction to its customers. Although a young company, NENASAL can boast of numerous partnerships with global brands such as Google, Miro, Intel, Corel DRAW, Acronis, AWS, Autodesk…

We were happy to see a full house, especially young people, some of whom are still in high school or college and just finding their way. We talked about current topics in the IT world, and which jobs are most in demand now, with the goal of enabling our participants to choose the best direction for themselves.

One of the topics of the meet-up was “How and where to start your IT Career?”. We talked about opportunities in the IT industry, explaining that programming is one of the most promising professions nowadays. We also heard from other presenters with extensive expertise about UX/UI design, their early experiences there, and other related fields. It was fascinating to hear about other people’s experiences who had diverse backgrounds and educational experiences but yet found fulfillment in IT. Participants were free to ask any questions they had, and the discussions were open to subjects other than IT.

Our speakers provided the attendees with excellent literature for learning, from the very basics of Information Technology and Programming to some specifics. NENASAL team suggested great free learning resources and advised attendees that the most important thing is to be persistent. And maybe a little talented.

The event’s scheduled one and a half hour runtime turned into three hours due to the fantastic atmosphere and high level of interest. Enthusiastic and motivated people, great interaction, and great topics inspired us to try to hold such events at least once a month.

We plan to cover various topics from the IT world and a series of education and courses. In the near future, our subscribers will be able to vote or let us know what topics are most interesting to them through an online questionnaire.

The event was held in the premises of HUB O78, with which our company already has a number of successful projects, and with which we planned to cooperate in the future, in order to strengthen the IT community throughout the country.

Check out HUB O78’s Instagram account see some photos from the event.

We had a great time and a big thank you to everyone who joined us!

Stay tuned for <TechTalks/> #2 by NENASAL.